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October 2014

Why kids fight sleep…

I am sure you are all thinking – wow this lady knows the answer to why kids fight sleep?  She must be brilliant! Honestly, I have no freaking clue why my kids fight sleep.  I am just trying to put myself in their shoes to come up with a few thoughts going through their head.  Enjoy!

First of all, my baby fights sleep.  Dear God WHY?!  You are in your prime little one; I am there to hold you, change you, feed you, and snuggle you to the end of time.  But really, since I have to become your mind reader, we both need sleep. I think to myself what goes through her head throughout the night when it’s getting to be that time and no matter how many yawns or cries or almost falling asleep in any location – she chooses to fight it.  What I think my baby is thinking…

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Riding on my witch’s broom


   Halloween.  I love it. I should probably preface this by saying, Halloween is also my birthday!  When I was a kid getting free candy and presents was truly a solid birthday in my book.

The thing I love most about Halloween is scary things.  Haunted houses, thirteen nights of Halloween (thanks ABC Family), horror movies, and pumpkin seeds has to be among the list of my favorite Halloween activities.  Mind you, I haven’t gone to a haunted house in years and I haven’t watched one night of the thirteen nights of Halloween this year, but I did have pumpkin seeds yesterday and I did watch a “scary” Dog with a Blog Halloween episode with my daughter – so I am calling it a success.

There are many versions of Halloween that I have experienced.

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Winning at motherhood

stock-vector-joys-of-parenthood-140543422Every parent wonders if they are doing the best they can to be the best they can be for their kids.  Of course, each mom does things differently and that’s what makes our children so unique. With that being said, here are my reasons that I know I am winning at this whole motherhood thing.

My kids hate me.  My five-year old must tell me numerous times a day that she hates me.  She tells me I am not her friend and I am so mean and I truly am the worst mother ever.  Well kid, GOOD.  I am not here to be your friend.  You can hate me all you want.  But honestly, I know this is a good thing.  I know one day you will look back and thank me for not giving in to every demand, for putting you in timeout, and for teaching you right from wrong.  When you grow up, you will understand that I did it because I love you. The baby is still a little young to hate me but she wakes me up numerous times throughout the night, every night, so I am sure that’s her revenge for being forced to drink formula on a daily basis.

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Why the clothes are never organized…

I feel like every time I walk into one of the rooms throughout our house, I find clothes.  They are on the floor or on a chair or hanging over something, but they are never in the drawer.  I ask myself every time, why does it feel like I have cleaned these up before?…and then I remember

Why the clothes are never organized.

1. Folding. I couldn’t despise it any more than I already do.  Realistically, I always fold the clothes.  But they never seem to make it to their destination. Maybe a huge pile on the table or everything gets shoved in one drawer, or my stubborn 5-year-old that wants to unfold and refold all her clothes and put them in places they don’t go. Regardless, I sometimes ask myself if it’s even worth folding the clothes at all.

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The beginning…

Hello All,

New to this!  Please give me a shot and I promise I won’t let you down.  Thanks!

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