I feel like every time I walk into one of the rooms throughout our house, I find clothes.  They are on the floor or on a chair or hanging over something, but they are never in the drawer.  I ask myself every time, why does it feel like I have cleaned these up before?…and then I remember

Why the clothes are never organized.

1. Folding. I couldn’t despise it any more than I already do.  Realistically, I always fold the clothes.  But they never seem to make it to their destination. Maybe a huge pile on the table or everything gets shoved in one drawer, or my stubborn 5-year-old that wants to unfold and refold all her clothes and put them in places they don’t go. Regardless, I sometimes ask myself if it’s even worth folding the clothes at all.

2. Procrastination. I procrastinate.  I have for as long as I can remember. I just feel that I work better under pressure.  Its twenty minutes before bedtime and the clothes are still all over the bed, the clock is ticking and time is of the essence; brand new world record, the fastest folder in the world. I know, I know, one day I will post a video of this 🙂

3. Excuses. We all have them.  I mean I choose to put the clothes on the nearby bed stand because I tell myself that during the coming weekend I am going to rearrange all the drawers and closets and everything is going to have a perfect place, and things will be great.  Solves all my laundry problems right? Wrong! That was about six weekends ago and I have yet to organize one closet or one drawer.

4. Kids. I know every mom has used their kids as an excuse to not do something or go somewhere. But seriously, I work all day.  When I get home, I want to snuggle my baby and hear all about my Kindergartener’s day.  And honestly, I hate the reality of folding the girls outfits because it just reminds me how quickly they are growing up and how much more money I will be spending to replace their wardrobe.

5. Social Media. Yes, guilty as charged!  My husband would be the first to sell me out.  I like to catch up on the usual Facebook, Instagram posts; and I am not checking up on every single person on my friends list.  Usually I just get so enthralled in a story that someone posted and probably isn’t even 100% accurate, but it was great.  Then these sites have gotten smarter and they throw all these other awesome articles at you and BOOM. An hour later, I have read 27 lists, taken 18 Buzzfeed quizzes, and eaten an entire bag of chips.

Curse the laundry.