stock-vector-joys-of-parenthood-140543422Every parent wonders if they are doing the best they can to be the best they can be for their kids.  Of course, each mom does things differently and that’s what makes our children so unique. With that being said, here are my reasons that I know I am winning at this whole motherhood thing.

My kids hate me.  My five-year old must tell me numerous times a day that she hates me.  She tells me I am not her friend and I am so mean and I truly am the worst mother ever.  Well kid, GOOD.  I am not here to be your friend.  You can hate me all you want.  But honestly, I know this is a good thing.  I know one day you will look back and thank me for not giving in to every demand, for putting you in timeout, and for teaching you right from wrong.  When you grow up, you will understand that I did it because I love you. The baby is still a little young to hate me but she wakes me up numerous times throughout the night, every night, so I am sure that’s her revenge for being forced to drink formula on a daily basis.

The house is always messy. You know you’re doing it right when your house is always messy.  Crayons, markers, papers, toys all over the place.  My older one loves to dress up, she will wear tutus and get sparkles everywhere.  I will find them on my face for days.  She has the best personality.  She will go from a baseball player to a cow girl to a princess all in a matter of 10 minutes.  She is sassy as ever with the dramatics of a highly skilled actress but she is fun.  My baby can’t really trash the house yet but she trashes herself pretty well.  Cookie everywhere, drool everywhere, and somehow she’s managed to strategically place every toy I handed her in the exact path where I will end up tripping on it.

We have pasta three days in a row. My five-year old loves pasta.  She could live off of it.  Every night she wants pasta and meatballs or pasta and sauce or pasta and just cheese.  She just can’t get enough but it makes her happy!  I try to spice up said pasta with different meats and different sauces and ingredients.  But as long as she eats it, I truly don’t care. Like I said, winning.

We laugh, a lot.  This one is simple.  Laughing is the best medicine.  My husband and I could watch our children for days and we will never stop laughing.  We even find ourselves laughing at the same things they did earlier in the day long after they are asleep.  They truly are amazing and I can tell myself daily, we did that.

5. I know every reference to all my daughters favorite TV shows. There is a specific episode that comes to mind when I think of this post.  It’s an Austin and Ally episode about the glee club that I have seen countless times.  Every time my daughter comes up to me with this scene or any other quote from one of the ridiculous shows I watch with her, I can easily finish the line and we both laugh together.

6. Our daughter is polite. My daughter has always said please and thank you.  This is huge in a world where simple words seem to be used less and less.  My husband and I were in the grocery store one day checking out when she asked to get a lollipop from the bank.  We could see her in our view and so she ran over there, got her pop, and came back.  A few minutes later as we are leaving, the branch manager starts running after us.  Of course our first thought was, “oh crap, she broke something we are about to have to pay for.”  But instead we were pleasantly surprised.  He said ” your daughter came over, asked so politely for the lollipop, and walked away & I just wanted to tell you both what a great kid you have.”  If that didn’t make us feel like we were doing it right, I don’t know what would.

Our daughters love us.  They can hate us all they want but the love they have for mom and dad outweigh the hatred.  My youngest is such a smiley and happy little lady.  She truly gets excited to make faces and have fun with us, and is always excited to see us. My five-year old, as challenging as she is, has the biggest heart.  She is full of hugs and kisses, full of love and laughter, and gets excited over any activity that involves all four of us.

 I constantly feel like I’m losing it. Being a parent is hard.  It’s a lot of work.  Sometimes I want to cry in a corner or go in another room and chug a beer at 8AM because it’s just been one of those days.  But honestly, I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything.  My kids make me insane and test me to points I didn’t even know I could be tested.  But at the end of the day, I make sure to give them an extra kiss before I go to bed and I count my lucky stars that I was blessed with these two little ladies.

So don’t worry fellow moms and future moms to be.  No matter what, as long as there are lots of hugs, kisses, smiles, and laughs you are doing it right. After all, my daughter didn’t have matching socks on today, but she had socks on.  Like I said, winning.socks