Halloween.  I love it. I should probably preface this by saying, Halloween is also my birthday!  When I was a kid getting free candy and presents was truly a solid birthday in my book.

The thing I love most about Halloween is scary things.  Haunted houses, thirteen nights of Halloween (thanks ABC Family), horror movies, and pumpkin seeds has to be among the list of my favorite Halloween activities.  Mind you, I haven’t gone to a haunted house in years and I haven’t watched one night of the thirteen nights of Halloween this year, but I did have pumpkin seeds yesterday and I did watch a “scary” Dog with a Blog Halloween episode with my daughter – so I am calling it a success.

There are many versions of Halloween that I have experienced.

Kid Halloween : When you’re a kid, Halloween is the greatest.  It’s an excuse for you to dress up as your favorite TV icon, or what you want to be when you grow up, or your role model.  You get to leave school that day, and then walk around to people’s houses to get free candy and then swap for your favorites at school the next day with your friends.  I mean you had endless candy in your lunchbox for a month!


Teenager Halloween : People definitely start to judge why you are still trick or treating at this age.  Luckily, I had a little brother and sister so my best friend Colleen and I definitely used them to get a few years of extra trick or treating in.  Then you become “too cool” for trick or treating and the new “it” thing is to find a party your friends are having. DONE!  Officially, you are such a grown-up at this point, totally cool with all your friends, and probably out making memories that make high school a great experience.af7112e24ae6b8fd4e5eb267c690e9f6

College Halloween : Please dress up is any costume that makes you look smoking hot, find a party or a bar, and go have the time of your life.  And let me tell you, college Halloween is by far some of the best Halloween’s a person can experience.  I don’t think I have elaborate further on this category.471b6a534b02ac32d4fd927de3c02fcb

I have kids Halloween : It’s different.  It’s really amazing for your child and they love it all.  My daughter this year wanted to be a vampire witch cat??  I know, I have no idea what that is either, and I tried to put them all together in my mind because I wanted to make her happy but it just wasn’t happening so I advised her to choose something else or just one of the three for fear of me going insane.  FYI, we settled on a witch.  My youngest daughter of course has no say, probably doesn’t care at all, and secretly is adding this to her list of reasons to hate me when she gets older as I dress her up in ridiculous costumes to get candy that clearly my husband and I will be eating.  She is going to be an owl, and yes, it’s freaking adorable.46c0bcf19b114da2279664cc663a2b40

I pass out candy Halloween : I haven’t experienced this Halloween yet, but I can tell you that being able to enjoy a beer while passing out Halloween candy and seeing cute kids in their costumes excited as ever, has to be a blast.  I should see this Halloween in about 10-12 years!  I can’t wait94a025c621fb145b73ad714de46e6281

Realistically, there is nothing better than making your kids happy.  The smiles on their faces and the excitement they give off to everyone else, is truly worth it.  Even better this year, it falls on a Friday so I don’t have to wind my child down for school the next morning after she has snuck about 10 pieces of candy before bed. Ah, it’s the little things 🙂