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November 2014

Keeping with the Holiday Traditions

We all have family traditions but over the years these traditions change for one reason or another and it’s hard to keep some of them together as time goes on.

When I was growing up it was my Mom, myself, and my three siblings.  My mother couldn’t cook to save her life so holidays were never hosted at our house, but we never minded.

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How you know…

Social media affects way too much these days…

I see numerous people posting articles on the top 10 things to find in your soul mate or the reasons you know you’ve found the right someone or even the best aspects your relationship should have if it should succeed.

You know what takes a successful relationship? You know how you know if your with the right someone.

There isn’t a specific answer, article, or list. There isn’t a specific quiz or some expert who says if you have all these qualities in your significant other you are sure to be happy forever and succeed.

Every relationship is different. Every man and woman is different and how they interact with each other is also different. You can’t base everything on these articles and quizzes and magazines and tips from your friends. No two people and no two relationships are the same.

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Privacy in the Bathroom

The last time I had privacy in the bathroom was…. Never?!

There might have been a brief stint after college when I just had a boyfriend and there was some privacy there but I have always shared a bathroom with someone else.

When I was growing up I was the second of four.  There was no such thing as privacy.  There was no lock on the bathroom door and there was no way you were ever going to even shower in peace; even the dogs would venture in for a visit.  Privacy was something I was not used to and didn’t intend to ever get.

When I was in college, I always shared a bathroom with roommates as well.  Luckily, I shared with 4 other people and not an entire floor but it still wasn’t a bathroom of my own.  Planning out showers based on people’s schedules and class time was not ideal, but still easier than your siblings just barging in whenever they wanted while you were trying to take a crap.

When I moved in with my now husband; again much easier as it was just the two of us, still sharing but it was different because it was our place.  When I got pregnant with our first daughter it was probably about a million times harder for him because I spent about 95% of the day taking 25 second pee breaks.

Then came the children.

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The Routine : Part Two

The Nighttime Routine

I work full-time.  I get out of work at 5 and by the time I have gotten home its around 530-545 or so.  By the time I walk into my house it’s close to 6PM.  Instantly my baby needs to eat and my five-year old wants to tell me all about her day.  Seeing as how I have caught some miraculous second wind, I have learned how to master the nightly routine!

I put Aubree in her play-pen with her toys while I make her dinner and then I feed her while I listen to Hailie tell me all about her day.  Then I make dinner for Hailie and I while Aubree is content.  My husband works late usually 4 days a week, so on those nights, I have a great routine.  On the nights he is home, my routine seems to go completely out the window, ironically enough.

This has gotten significantly harder since Aubree can now crawl.  The minute she is put in any sort of contraption, i.e. the bouncer, circle of entertainment, or playpen these days;  she just looks at me like I am some sort of idiot because she can crawl so why on earth would she want to be stuck in one of these silly toys.  Clearly I am nuts.

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The Routine : Part One

I figure with this being my double-digit post (being my 10th post) – it called for two posts.  Plus I have been on a bit of a hiatus so I figured two posts would be best to capture your attention again 🙂

The Routine: Part One (The Morning)


This is in red for a valid reason.  I hate the morning.  I am NOT a morning person.  Early bird catches the worm?  Let them have it, I want more sleep.  I have two children.  My first child let me sleep at night, but when she was up, it wasn’t that sweet, lets chill out and cuddle in the morning kind of wake up, it was that BOUNCE ALL OVER THE PLACE AND BE REALLY LOUD kind of wake up.  But she slept through the night, 12 hours a night, at two weeks old.  She is five now and she does the same damn thing.  Yes, I know, I am extremely friggin lucky.  My second child seems to think that sleep is for the dead.  She never sleeps but she is so mellow.  She would make my morning routine a bit more bearable, if it didn’t start at 3AM, 4AM, 5AM etc.  I do as much as possible the night before so I don’t have to get up till the last possible minute in the morning because that is how much I hate it.

The morning routine SUCKS.  That’s right, it SUCKS.  Whether I were to wake up two hours before I had to leave the house or two minutes, it would be the same damn thing. 

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What? Are you on the phone?

My mother. God rest her soul. I can hear her in the back of my head screaming, “everyone shut up! I’m on the damn phone.” I always thought she was being so mean because clearly my question about where she hid the cookies or where my favorite shirt was or why I couldn’t go out that weekend and who was she talking to – clearly trumped all.

It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I truly understood what a pain in the ass my siblings and I truly were. Hell, I would’ve yelled at me too. I swear my five-year old has a sixth sense about when a call is about to come in or when she knows someone is about to answer my call because she chooses this time to ask or demand the following;

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