So I figure since I will mainly be writing about my family and kids since they are ultimately what makes me hilarious and entertained throughout the day – I decided some intros were in order.

I met my husband when we were working together.  He has a ridiculous sense of humor which everyone but myself seems to think is funny (ultimately because I am the brunt of the joke).  He loves me to death though, he is a hard worker – and he is an amazing dad.  My five-year old could not be more like him if she tried.  They both have the same sick twisted sense of humor and are always spot on with comebacks.  Though marriage isn’t easy, I don’t think I could do it with anyone else.  He makes me insane but I couldn’t love him more.

IMG_8024This is a solid picture to sum up our relationship.  🙂

Next on the list is my darling little 5 year-old Hailie.  She is super dramatic, has a horrible sense of style, and is very independent.  She makes me angry, sad, happy, crazy, but always has me laughing.  She truly is an amazing little girl, smart as a whip, and I couldn’t be luckier to call her my own.  I can’t wait to see what she grows up to become, because I know it will be brilliant.

IMG_7399All sass.  Loves to get her picture taken.

Finally, we’ve got my baby Aubree.  She is a doll.  Apart from the fact that she hates sleep, she is probably the most chill baby around.  She truly completed our family and we couldn’t be luckier to have her in our lives.  She will spend hours smiling, laughing, and pulling her sisters hair.  She also loves to eat.  It’s the way to a girl’s heart.  I can’t wait to watch her grow because I know she is going to be as amazing as her sister.

IMG_8092 She’s a silly kid! Love my chubs!

What can I say, we are one lucky and crazy bunch!