When a mother says, “I got to go to the grocery store all by myself and it was glorious” we aren’t lying.

I pretty much take my kids wherever I go.  Honestly, taking Aubree to a store is about a million times easier than taking Hailie to the store.  Hailie wants to touch everything, and see everything, and go down isles I know I don’t have enough willpower to not buy something.  She also has this weird fixation that she works at every store we go to.  She has gone as far as getting behind the counter and asking a customer if she could help them (this was at Alex & Ani).  Yes, its weird.

At Target, it’s not so bad.  She wants to touch everything but usually I can avoid the isles I don’t want to bring her down pretty easily.  At Stop & Shop however, about a million times worse.  I can’t even begin to describe to you the pain that is bringing her.  She will try sneaking things in the cart and sometimes with success.  I am trying to convince Aubree that it is not a good life choice to try to lick the cart itself because of how disgustingly dirty it is so she chooses to gnaw on my hand instead.  Big sister knows that this is a prime opportunity to shove things in the cart and throw me off my path.  I truly wonder what is going through her head with some of the things she tries to make me purchase.

Also when bringing my kids to the store, it takes about 45 minutes longer at LEAST than it would if I was by myself.  I could easily be in and out in an hour with everything I needed, actually having completed my list for once instead of missing what I went there for and buying tons of things I didn’t need.  I also wouldn’t have to stop at the baby aisle to buy a thing of puffs because in my rush to get this whole process done quickly, I forgot Aubree’s on the kitchen counter.  Then when checkout time comes, Hailie wants to bag everything.  One thing at a time per bag.  It’s hilarious and crazy annoying all in one.

I brought Hailie to the mall with me the other day because we had some shopping I needed to get done that couldn’t wait.  We walk into Nordstrom and go into the main part of the mall.  Literally, she sits down at the first bench that she sees.  I look at her and ask “what on earth are you doing?!”  She looks at me like I should know what she is doing and says, “I am just so tired and I think I need a drink.”  I almost died, I was trying so hard not to laugh because she looked so serious and pained about her life.  I told her to suck it up and move on.  Every store she wanted to sit down, or lie down, or whatever the case was.  Then when it was finally time to go and I was exhausted, she was happy as ever and wanting food and candy, and for us to go on a ride to some fun endeavor.


Needless to say,  I love my kids to death but hate shopping with them.