When I was growing up, staying home sick from school was not an option.  My mom was a pediatric oncology nurse and basically, she wasn’t having it.  I had perfect attendance from Kindergarten through 12th grade, I’m not kidding.  My husband on the other hand, from what he told me, he was the opposite.

My mother never let me miss school; I am pretty sure I had to be coughing up blood before I was going to be out.  I was always in school.  Even when I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t even bother trying to explain to her what the issue was, because I knew I was being sent to school.  I was always there all the time.  Even if I wasn’t in class, I was at school.  My mom was sick when I was in high school and also passed away during my time in high school.  She made sure that I attended school every day.  I can’t say I was always in class, but my perfect attendance remained in tact.

My husband on the other hand advises me that his mom let him stay home from school much easier.  If he wasn’t feeling well, that was pretty much it.  No explanation, no fighting, he was already back in bed.  He said this didn’t happen too often though as he got older because if you didn’t go to school, you couldn’t go to practice, and you couldn’t play in games – which of course was important to him.

My daughter seems to take the same mindset as myself.  On Wednesday when she woke up with a rough sounding cough, he was the first to offer her to stay home.  I thought to myself, she will be fine, no worries here, she’s ok.  She says to me “school days are for school!!”  Clearly, we all knew where she stood.  Anyway, he convinced her to stay home for two days.  I guess she won’t be following in my perfect record steps! LOL

Also in regards to the whole “stay home thing” it’s really hard for me to have sympathy for anyone to be sick, even my kids.  This sounds horrible I know, but I wasn’t raised that way.  With the demanding job my mother had and the things she saw, she didn’t have much sympathy for my runny nose or my cough.  I have slowly managed to find it in my heart to have sympathy and snuggles of course for my girls when they need it – but who I don’t have sympathy for is my husband!

We all know how men are when they are sick, DRAMATIC.  You would think that he lost both arms and legs the way he acts, life is clearly about to end.  I have no sympathy at all and I can tell he gets so upset about it too because he expects me to be at his beside taking care of him and bringing him soup while rubbing his feet but it ain’t gonna happen, EVER.  I try to be nice about it but even that for me is difficult.  Again, I know I sound horrible, but I seriously can’t deal with it.  When I am sick I don’t expect much.  I still make dinner and go to work and take care of the kids and the laundry and the house, and I don’t think the world needs to stop.


But I guess that’s why they say opposites attract 😉