I figure with this being my double-digit post (being my 10th post) – it called for two posts.  Plus I have been on a bit of a hiatus so I figured two posts would be best to capture your attention again 🙂

The Routine: Part One (The Morning)


This is in red for a valid reason.  I hate the morning.  I am NOT a morning person.  Early bird catches the worm?  Let them have it, I want more sleep.  I have two children.  My first child let me sleep at night, but when she was up, it wasn’t that sweet, lets chill out and cuddle in the morning kind of wake up, it was that BOUNCE ALL OVER THE PLACE AND BE REALLY LOUD kind of wake up.  But she slept through the night, 12 hours a night, at two weeks old.  She is five now and she does the same damn thing.  Yes, I know, I am extremely friggin lucky.  My second child seems to think that sleep is for the dead.  She never sleeps but she is so mellow.  She would make my morning routine a bit more bearable, if it didn’t start at 3AM, 4AM, 5AM etc.  I do as much as possible the night before so I don’t have to get up till the last possible minute in the morning because that is how much I hate it.

The morning routine SUCKS.  That’s right, it SUCKS.  Whether I were to wake up two hours before I had to leave the house or two minutes, it would be the same damn thing. 

My five-year-old; ya know the one who gets somewhere around 12 hours of sleep a night?  Well you would think she got two hours, stayed out drinking all night, has the worst hangover ever, and is in college.  It is the biggest struggle in the world to get this child out of bed.  Head under the covers, she doesn’t want to go to school, she doesn’t like the way those pants look, and she is SOOOOOO exhausted.  By the way; she is in Kindergarten, she has no homework, and she literally gets 10-12 hours of sleep, A NIGHT.  When you finally get her out of bed, it’s getting her to move that’s the next step.  I have already picked out an outfit and put it on the bed based on the weather outside, but I know I am wasting my time since she isn’t going to wear one thing I picked out down to the mismatched socks she puts on.  Then its hair brushing time and eating breakfast.  My daughter will let anyone brush her hair but me.  The second I even pick up a brush, the tears and the dramatics are already in full effect.  So I gave that up a long time ago because like I said before, I am not a morning person so I clearly do not have the time or energy for that crap, and I have learned to just keep her hair short enough where she can brush it herself, throw on a headband, and call it a day. Luckily, Daddy has much more patience with her then I do and he gets her on the bus every day, so I don’t have to fight with her about leaving her shoes somewhere, or losing her jacket, or wasting her breakfast for the 3rd day in a row.  Because I have been there and done that.

My baby has decided that the morning is the best time for her to sleep.  Not at night, not during nap time, but right around 7AM-8AM when we have to get ready, get dressed, and leave.  Passed out, snoring, drools, butt in the air, mouth open, sleep.  And how dare I deny my child sleep since she has barely slept the entire night before right?  So I rush around, I tell the sitter I am literally going to wake her up right before I leave, and the sitter tells me she will have a bottle ready and it will all be ok, right? NOPE.  She decides she is starving 10 minutes before and I of course am not going to let her scream on the way over so I feed her first, or she decides she is going to pee all over herself so I have to change her all over again, or she pukes all over me so I have to change.

Regardless, I don’t care what I do, how much coffee I have, how much time I have, or how much sleep I have gotten.  I will always hate the morning routine!  Stay tuned for part two 🙂