We all have family traditions but over the years these traditions change for one reason or another and it’s hard to keep some of them together as time goes on.

When I was growing up it was my Mom, myself, and my three siblings.  My mother couldn’t cook to save her life so holidays were never hosted at our house, but we never minded.

Easter.   When I was really little we used to go to NY for Easter. My aunt would hide eggs all around her house, we’d have to take endless amounts of pictures and there was always a ridiculous dress involved. Obviously the eggs with the money were the ones to find. As my little brother and sister came along, It became more difficult to travel for my mom sand Easter was held at a good family/friend’s house.  My mom knew Betty and Paul long before I was a twinkle in anyones eye.  Betty could always cook a mean meal and holidays at her house were always excellent!  The company was great, nothing too big, and the food was always delicious.  When my mom passed away, Betty & Paul became my legal guardians until I graduated high school and left for college.  I eventually met a guy, (my now husband) and when I became pregnant with our first daughter, it was time to join his family for holidays as well.  Easter was the first holiday I met most of them, so I was nervous as can be.  It was a great day, they were all welcoming and inviting, and they truly made me feel right at home.  That feeling has never gone away.

Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday.  It is focused on great food, great company, naps, and games.  When I was growing up, we used to take a weekend trip to NY for Thanksgiving.  This was HUGE as my mom never took weekend trips anywhere; every time we drove to NY it was always for the day.  We would go to my aunt’s house, have Thanksgiving dinner, and then head to pick out our Christmas tree the next day.  We would spend time with friends of the family and after we would cut down the tree which involved a lot of curse words since none of us could ever get a good cut on the tree – we would all go out for a nice dinner together.  The next day we would head home with the tree on top of our car.  It would die almost every year right before Christmas but the point was that my mom never broke the tradition, even knowing we would most likely be getting a second tree by Christmas.  When my mom passed away, I would spend Thanksgiving with Betty & Paul but since they ate so early, I would Thanksgiving “hop” to all my friends houses for dessert.  I would visit with different friends and families that were close to me and it was a really special time for me when I needed it most.  I now spend Thanksgiving now with my husband’s family.  We all get together, we eat, we drink, we nap, and we play a ton of games.  It truly is a great holiday and it is filled with a lot of laughter and a lot of love.  I can’t say I don’t miss the old days as we have all grown up and started our own families but I am very blessed to have my husband’s family to share the holidays with.

Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve and Christmas are two very different holidays in my life.  When I was growing up Christmas Eve was spent at Betty & Paul house; they would celebrate Christmas right around midnight as their son was a Christmas baby and they didn’t want to take away from his special day.  We would all eat dinner together & then we would head up to fifth street, if I am not mistaken, to spend time with Paul’s family.  Paul always had and continues to have the best and craziest stories which truly makes the holidays something special.  When we would return, we would all open presents and then finally head home and pass out.  With my husband we go to one of his aunt’s house for Christmas, all the kids get to open one gift and its pretty low-key.  We enjoy each others company and we love listening to the kids talk about all the excitement that Santa brings.  When we head home, it’s usually time to finish wrapping presents and call it a night.

Christmas.  Christmas is my least favorite holiday but I won’t be a grinch today!  When I was growing up though, Christmas was the one holiday that we didn’t go anywhere.  My mom would do a good job of putting together a ham and the best meal she could with her cooking skills.  We would usually get woken up at the crack of dawn by my little brother or sister and the day would start.  We would all open presents together, making sure that my mother would open hers first and then everyone would just stay home for most of the day.  We would relax, enjoy our new gifts, eat together, and just be as a family.  I do miss that.  Christmas these days though is fun too.  My husband has a huge family.  The kids alone in his family can equal to the people in my family.  The kids all play together, we all exchange gifts, there is a TON of food, and of course, the company is always great.  Since I don’t get to see my family much and don’t spend the holidays with them I make sure to throw my annual Christmas get together every year.  I invite my aunt, my uncle, and cousin, Betty and Paul, my siblings and their families, and we all get together right before the new year.  We definitely don’t get together enough, but we enjoy the afternoon catching up and reminiscing about the traditions listed above.  Its a very nice and relaxing.

Like I said, I have been blessed with my husband’s family.  They have taken me in as one of their own since day one and I have to say I am lucky beyond words.  I have been blessed for as long as I can remember with numerous traditions and memories with my family and other families who have taken me in as well.

Though I don’t carry out the same traditions as I had growing up with my kids, I know the traditions that we carry out with them now, are ones they will be able to tell their kids when they grow up & that makes me happy.

Comment below what some of YOUR favorite holiday traditions are 🙂