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December 2014

Being a parent without your parents

Being a parent without your parents – it is really hard.  It is not easy at all – Who do you ask the questions to?  Who is there to continuously teach you?  Who is there to listen to stories about your kids silly little accomplishments?  Luckily, for both of us – we have had great people who have stepped up to the plate to help us out.  My Aunt is truly an exceptional woman.  She has done so much for me and for my kids and for my life – not just since my mom passed away – but before that as well.  She is always willing to listen to my problems, my silly stories, and answer any ridiculous questions that I have.  I truly can’t thank her enough for absolutely everything that she has and continues to do for me.  If you’re reading this – I love you.  Like I have said in the past, my husband has an amazing family – they are always there for us and have helped us whenever we have needed it.  They love us and they love our girls – which is really all you can ask for at the end of the day.

It’s really hard to tell your children about people who were a huge part of your life, of who you became – but will not be a part of their life.

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Obnoxious Sports Fan

I am an avid New England Fan.  Correction: I am an obnoxious New England Fan.  I love the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics.  I have been to more games than I can count for all four of my beloved teams.

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That friggin Elf on the Shelf!


 My daughter LOVES her Elf on the Shelf.  She named it Lola and she talks to it, writes it notes, and truly thinks it is the best thing ever.

When the morning comes she runs around the house before she can barely open her eyes and she is looking all over the place.  The minute she finds Lola she starts laughing hysterically and then has to tell me and Daddy exactly where she found it or what it is that she’s doing.

I love how happy it makes her.  We HAVE to read the book every single night of the week – and she already knows it by heart but loves to hear it again and again.  She loves Lola, talks about her in school, and tells me how much she missed her the second she gets home, sweet right?

I, on the other hand – can’t stand the Elf.  I think the concept is truly great and if it was just moving it from once place to another – easy enough…

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Black Friday

For as long as I can remember I have gone black Friday shopping.  Before you get all judgmental and think I am absolutely crazy; hear me out.

I have never gone black Friday shopping in hopes of getting something specific.  I have always gone with friends and family, we take our time and when we get to each store, we look around.  If something we wanted is there, great!  If it’s not, none of us are losing sleep over it.  I enjoy the deals, I enjoy the people watching, and the company is great.  We have the best time, we share a lot of laughs, and it’s an entertaining night to say the least.


This year I opted not to go black Friday shopping.  I had started most of my shopping online anyway, and I was feeling really good about where I was at.  That was until 12:15AM came on Black Friday and the item I really wanted to get for my daughter – was already sold out online.  I decided I would have to make a trek to the store because it was such a good deal (over 50% off).

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Why I love guys night

Just pulled a fresh batch of cookies out of the oven… ahh the house smells so good!

My husband seems to think that I hate guys night.  He thinks I get angry that he goes with his friends once a week to do whatever they do.

Quite honestly, I love guys night.   Usually he doesn’t leave till after 9PM so the kids are in bed already.  I start the night by cleaning up and hopping in the shower or taking a nice bath, face mask and all – it’s so relaxing.  Then its time to catch up on all my shows on the DVR that he hates watching with me.  This week I decided to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  They are perfectly gooey and I had to stop myself to make sure I didn’t eat the whole batch.

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