For as long as I can remember I have gone black Friday shopping.  Before you get all judgmental and think I am absolutely crazy; hear me out.

I have never gone black Friday shopping in hopes of getting something specific.  I have always gone with friends and family, we take our time and when we get to each store, we look around.  If something we wanted is there, great!  If it’s not, none of us are losing sleep over it.  I enjoy the deals, I enjoy the people watching, and the company is great.  We have the best time, we share a lot of laughs, and it’s an entertaining night to say the least.


This year I opted not to go black Friday shopping.  I had started most of my shopping online anyway, and I was feeling really good about where I was at.  That was until 12:15AM came on Black Friday and the item I really wanted to get for my daughter – was already sold out online.  I decided I would have to make a trek to the store because it was such a good deal (over 50% off).

Like I stated earlier, I had never gone Black Friday shopping with the intention to get anything before – so this experience was new to me.  I went to Walmart and the line was out of control.  I figured the doors opened at 1 and it was about 1:10AM at this point, so I hoped it would go fairly quickly.  Well about 50 minutes later, I was finally let into the store.  During this 50 minutes, it was freezing cold and snowing – and not an inch of the line had any sort of covering.  People and trash were everywhere.  You would’ve thought for the amount of time I had to wait that they would’ve at least made sure some of the people would have left the store by then.

WRONG.  The store was still packed!!! I ditched the cart I had acquired and raced to the back of the store.  I saw exactly what I needed and then proceeded to wave my arms like a nutcase until an associate arrived to unlock the cabinet because I was not moving from that spot.  Then I waited in the “express, 12 items or less” line for another half hour and that was it – finally headed home.  Needless to say, I enjoy Black Friday for a few different perks but actually having to get something specific; never again.  It’s not something that I ever want to be a part of again.  The leisure part of going with the flow on your own – is exactly how I enjoy my shopping if I choose to go at all.

But I have to say I was able to get what I needed for my daughter and I cannot wait to see her face on Christmas morning.