Just pulled a fresh batch of cookies out of the oven… ahh the house smells so good!

My husband seems to think that I hate guys night.  He thinks I get angry that he goes with his friends once a week to do whatever they do.

Quite honestly, I love guys night.   Usually he doesn’t leave till after 9PM so the kids are in bed already.  I start the night by cleaning up and hopping in the shower or taking a nice bath, face mask and all – it’s so relaxing.  Then its time to catch up on all my shows on the DVR that he hates watching with me.  This week I decided to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  They are perfectly gooey and I had to stop myself to make sure I didn’t eat the whole batch.

Realistically, I can’t sleep very well if he isn’t home – I am not sure what it is.  So I use his guys night as a personal night for myself.  Its excellent, brilliant even and on the weeks that guys night doesn’t happen – I almost feel lost without my “me” night.

Everyone needs a night to themselves.  He needs his guy time and granted I have a girls night every week as well – but I love a night by myself.  A nice glass of red wine, maybe some popcorn (feel like Olivia Pope with a smaller wine glass) but realistically its such a de-stresser for me.  The house is always cleaner, the laundry is always done, and when I sit down with my glass of wine to watch the latest Law and Order: SVU — I remind myself why I love Tuesday nights.