My daughter LOVES her Elf on the Shelf.  She named it Lola and she talks to it, writes it notes, and truly thinks it is the best thing ever.

When the morning comes she runs around the house before she can barely open her eyes and she is looking all over the place.  The minute she finds Lola she starts laughing hysterically and then has to tell me and Daddy exactly where she found it or what it is that she’s doing.

I love how happy it makes her.  We HAVE to read the book every single night of the week – and she already knows it by heart but loves to hear it again and again.  She loves Lola, talks about her in school, and tells me how much she missed her the second she gets home, sweet right?

I, on the other hand – can’t stand the Elf.  I think the concept is truly great and if it was just moving it from once place to another – easy enough…

Except for Pinterest.  When the parents who are talking at least a half hour to an hour to stage some crazy, dramatic, and entertaining way to stage their Elf on the Shelf.  It’s great that people do that, but the pressure definitely mounts.  If you ever look at #elfontheshelf on Instagram or anywhere else – you will understand exactly what I mean.  I want to make sure Lola is doing fun things and makes Hailie laugh first thing in the morning because let me tell you, I can’t get enough of her laugh, but half the time I barely even remember to move the Elf!

Yup!  You heard me right.  Lying in bed practically asleep and then; DAMN IT.  I forgot to move the friggin Elf.  I usually am doing so many things once my kids go to sleep that Lola is not at the top of my list of priorities, or I am finally relaxing after an extremely busy day and completely forgot to move her as well.

The other issue is that I do have some great ideas but because of the magic the elf possesses you aren’t allowed to move it.  I have to make sure that wherever Lola is strategically placed in a place that doesn’t have to be moved around throughout the day or night.  This definitely makes everything a bit more challenging!

Regardless, making Hailie happy and laughing and smiling every morning for the small time that Lola is here, I’ll do what I have to do.

If you are looking for some “hassle free” ideas – here is a great link!

For the record; there have been times I have completely forgotten to move the elf! I rush out of bed and move her quick or shuffle my daughter to the bathroom the second she wakes up while I find a new spot. The upside is, she hasn’t caught on yet and she still smiled and laughs 😊