I am an avid New England Fan.  Correction: I am an obnoxious New England Fan.  I love the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics.  I have been to more games than I can count for all four of my beloved teams.

New England Patriots:  My husband and I went to tons of these games when we first started dating.  I have been to the stadium countless times – tailgate – and definitely had a few too many brewskis.  When we had kids of course, our days of buying last-minute tickets and heading to games – changed.  However, when welcomed into my husband’s family — they were the same way.  They all had kids but shared passion for the game and the team.  Every Sunday (unless it’s a night game) we all watch the game together.  People come in, people come out all day long;  lots of food, lots of booze, and always a fire.  We watch pretty much all the games outside.  Even when it starts to snow; we just place our beers into the snow, huddle close by the fire and cheer on our team.  What?!  Did Tom Brady just run?!  Yea, yea, talk all the smack you want – we lost our perfect record to the New York Giants (I almost threw up just writing this) but I have never swayed.  We love our Patriots and we can’t wait to take our girls but until then – Sundays with the family will do just fine 🙂

Boston Red Sox: Well well well.  People can hate all they want but this is an amazing team.  Sure we have had a few seasons that just didn’t go our way.  But hey!  We broke the curse of the bambino – came back and won the world series in 2004 rewriting our history.  My older daughter loves the Red Sox.  Naturally, David Ortiz (Big Papi) is her favorite player.  She enjoys watching the games with us and even celebrated the 2013 World Series win – mainly because I think we woke her up by screaming in excitement!  We went to Fenway Park today to celebrate Christmas.  God I forgot how much I missed it. While enjoying the festivities that the park had to offer to VIP guests and winning a Ortiz bobblehead for one very excited five-year-old; We lined up a few tickets and can’t wait to get back in the seats for the 2015 season.  The park itself is just full of iconic history.  The minor league team, (the PawSox) are also in this fine little state of Rhode Island so we get to go there a lot as well.  Though I have read many hilarious articles saying something along the lines of “fuck you, Boston” Honestly, that just makes me a bit happier inside 🙂

Boston Bruins:  Where to begin.  They have definitely had their ups and downs as well – but lets talk about that amazing game 7 where they came back and tied it up and won it in OT.  Seriously, that memory will be etched in my brain forever – simply amazing.  The games itself are such a blast.  The energy is completely different from anything you have ever experienced.  The lucky thing for us is that the Providence Bruins are right down the road so we can go to many games with the girls and save some money for games we really want to attend in Boston.  

Boston Celtics:  Though we are a LONG time past the “Dream Team” we are trying to work our way back up.  My husband and I used to get 12 tickets, invite a ton of friends, and go have fun.  We went to endless amounts of games in the beginning but seriously – we had so much fun.  Haven’t been to a game in years and last year we were actually more excited every time they lost because it meant that they would have a better chance of improving the team in the long run but one day we will be back in the seats.  We want to make sure to take our girls at least once to see every team!

Anyway I have been completely spoiled.  I have seen all my teams win – and not just win a game but win the championship of their sport.  Celtics, Bruins, Sox, Patriots – it’s definitely a lucky generation to have witnessed so much sports history.

If you are not a Boston fan and you can’t stand us always being in the news or winning another game or whatever the case may be – I found this article last year right before the Sox won the world series – I have laughed and loved it since I read it – and you will probably be on the same page as this guy.  If you are an overly obsessed New England fan – you too will love this article.