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January 2015

Calm before the storm…

The calm before the storm.  We all know how that goes.  We hear a big storm is coming – something that might keep us in the house for days and maybe without power as well.  The first thing we must do is to run to the store – get the “usual” bread and milk and plan for a few days in.  We also make sure to get salt, maybe some windshield wiper fluid and a shovel if we can’t find last years.  Every store, gas station,  and business is usually packed with people rushing around and pushing their way through to get what they need before it’s sold out.  If you are anything like my family – you make a stop at the liquor store too because if you are going to be in the house for days listening to your daughter sing do you want to build a snowmannnnnn, you are going to want some wine.

The big question is… Why do people buy milk and bread the second we hear about a snow storm?  Well I did some googling and read a few articles before I landed on one that I decided to reference — It states that people like the routine and so buying perishables in their mind is like saying the storm “won’t last long” or it’s just something that they can have control in but realistically it is pointless to purchase these two things.  The main thing you want to purchase for an impending snowstorm are non-perishables (I guess depending on how the storm is looking) and foods that can last you some time if you are stuck inside and also might not have power.

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In the blink of an eye

It happens in the blink of an eye.  You are sitting there planning your daughters first birthday.  Your other daughter just lost her first tooth.  Where did the time go? Why do they grow up so fast?

IMG_6585I had my first daughter when I was 20 years old.  I left college, moved home, and decided to start my life with my now husband.  I don’t regret it for a second.  I remember the day I brought her home from the hospital.  She was 7lbs and 4oz of pure perfection.  She was a great baby – slept through the night at two weeks old and truly made a difference in our lives, for the better – she is also a daddy’s girl all the way.  They are so alike it’s sickening sometimes.  I just can’t believe my little princess is five and a half.  She drives me absolutely insane but I couldn’t love her more if I tried.  My youngest daughter I had at the age of 25.  She was 6lbs or gorgeous little baby when she was born and truly made our family complete.  She is by far nothing like her sister already – she loves to snuggle, mamas girl all the way and makes the best silly faces.  She crawls everywhere and always wants to eat.  I sit here and I wonder how we are already at losing teeth and Kindergarten, how we are already planning a first birthday.

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When the tooth fairy makes a visit…


My oldest daughter lost her first tooth.  She lost it at school and came off the bus all excited to tell me about it!  I was so shocked as I didn’t even know she had a loose tooth – and she is the kind of kid who tells me everything – including things I really don’t need to know so I was completely caught off guard that her tooth fell out.  I then also thought to myself, “Is my daughter really already old enough to be losing her baby teeth”?

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Leaving it to the professionals


A picture is worth a thousand words.  There is nothing like capturing moments, ages, triumphs, meltdowns, and everything else on camera.  The memories you have in pictures become truly priceless.  I have tried many times to get perfect pictures of my children.  I try to edit them and make them look gorgeous and it just doesn’t seem to be working out.  It goes something like this;

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What’s the point?

What is the point in making an appointment?

I am very happy for people who have doctors who don’t keep them waiting and take them on time or even early but I have yet to find these amazing doctors.

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I love change – I know that sounds crazy as most people can’t stand change but I love it.  Small change, big change – when change is happening it just feels like life is moving in the right direction.

This weekend was all about small change – I switched our girls bedrooms – I rearranged our room – and I cleaned out and organized the entire house.  Though the change was minor and probably meant nothing to most – it felt completely refreshing and great.  Everything looks so much better and cleaner and so far the girls are sound asleep so I guess it didn’t bother them in the slightest 🙂

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