I love change – I know that sounds crazy as most people can’t stand change but I love it.  Small change, big change – when change is happening it just feels like life is moving in the right direction.

This weekend was all about small change – I switched our girls bedrooms – I rearranged our room – and I cleaned out and organized the entire house.  Though the change was minor and probably meant nothing to most – it felt completely refreshing and great.  Everything looks so much better and cleaner and so far the girls are sound asleep so I guess it didn’t bother them in the slightest 🙂

For a while I truly hated change and I did everything I could to avoid it.  I just couldn’t stand to have any more change in my life because I was sick of the fact that I couldn’t control any of the change that was happening around me.  When my mom passed away; I had to move out of my house, move in with my guardians, be separated from my siblings, and move to a completely different side of the state that I had ever grown up on.  That was enough change to last me a lifetime and I was pissed that I had no control over all that, but over the years I have truly learned to embrace change; whether big or small.

Change really isn’t bad.  It’s scary – definitely – but it’s not bad.  Little change of course has less of an impact – but big change is riveting and can truly change your entire course of life – again terrifying but if you have faith that everything will work out – there is a pretty good chance that it will.

All I am saying is don’t write off change to be some horrible and crappy part of life.  Some of it really sucks but something good always comes out of it.  You can always grow and learn from change – whether it be good or bad.  Trust me.


The new year always brings new changes and the exciting prospects for the future.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I have learned to not care so much about things that aren’t in my control or about change or about anything really – but just to truly try to live in the moment because ultimately you miss out on so much if you don’t.