What is the point in making an appointment?

I am very happy for people who have doctors who don’t keep them waiting and take them on time or even early but I have yet to find these amazing doctors.

The pediatrician I brought my oldest daughter to when she was first-born – was horrible.  The wait time was out of control – I am talking sometimes 2+ hours.  You would sit in the waiting room with tons of sick children and wait until you were called.  Sometimes that was an hour – sometimes it was 10 minutes; but then you were stuck in the room waiting for the doctor for the 30 seconds he was there to tell you that your kid was sick or needed shots…both things I already knew hence me being at the office in the first place.  Finally, I just couldn’t take it anymore and I switched doctors.  Now I am usually in and out in 30 minutes and that’s when I have to wait a while.  It truly makes a huge difference.

My regular doctors office is decent on the wait time – I guess that’s a nice way to put it.  I feel I am always waiting or some major trauma happens (there is an urgent care downstairs) which holds everything up but overall, it’s not horrible.  I also really like my PCP and it took me a while to find a good one – . Plus its near my house and super convenient to say the least.

My OBGYN always takes forever.  I don’t know if it’s because she is so friendly or really takes the time to answer every single question you have – but it’s always a forever long wait.  Through both my pregnancies and my yearly checkups it has always been a long wait.  However, I seriously don’t care at all because of the exact reasons listed above.  She is amazing and I have followed her from her first place of work to her own practice she now has.

My neurologist has to be my LEAST favorite doctors office.  First of all, its takes forever just to get an appointment – they are ALWAYS booked and if I don’t choose my date at least a year in advance – I am probably not getting an appointment anytime soon unless I am referred because I have some sort of tumor or loss of vision.  I have religiously kept my appointments at ridiculous hours for this exact reason and then have been kept waiting over an hour before I am even brought into a room.  If my migraines didn’t require medication from said doctor – I would send a bag of poo to the front desk and never look back.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.

MjAxMi1hYzVhMzA5NGNhMTY0M2NiI guess the main point is though; if I am making an appointment – I shouldn’t have to wait to be seen more than 15 minutes past my appointment time.  I took the time out of my work day to keep this appointment and therefore I feel I should be given the same respect.  I am not sitting in an urgent care or at the hospital ER,  I made this appointment – usually months in advance – and then I am forced to sit around, read poor magazines and listen to very awkward conversations between staff… at least the people watching usually keeps things interested.