A picture is worth a thousand words.  There is nothing like capturing moments, ages, triumphs, meltdowns, and everything else on camera.  The memories you have in pictures become truly priceless.  I have tried many times to get perfect pictures of my children.  I try to edit them and make them look gorgeous and it just doesn’t seem to be working out.  It goes something like this;

1. Have a drink

2. Think about hiring someone

3. Realize it’s not worth the money and do it yourself

4. Scope out a spot in the house – if they make a scene, it is behind closed doors

5. Decide it was nice enough out so maybe we can go outside.

6. Choose outfits.

7. Choose different outfits.

8. Change mind again.

9. Wonder why I thought this was a good idea in the first place.

10. Did I have that drink yet?

11. Perfect!  Found a spot!

12. Great, my camera is dead.

13. Why didn’t I hire someone?

14. Ok, I finally chose outfits.  Now do I have a matching hair piece?

15. Ok, changed my mind again.  Off to the store we go!

16.  Finally got the outfits & the camera is charged.

17. Perfect spot has been scoped out.

18. Kids are dressed and I am ready to do this.

19. One or both kids continually cry.

20. Hire someone and enjoy wine while they deal with the pictures of your children.

I love my children dearly of course.  However, having two girls is a day full of emotions!  If you add in my emotions, it can be a recipe for disaster!  I have tried many times to get great pictures and sometimes I do, but there is nothing like having a professional do it for you.  I truly couldn’t be more thankful for these talented artists capturing my beautiful children. So thank you!

Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words.