My oldest daughter lost her first tooth.  She lost it at school and came off the bus all excited to tell me about it!  I was so shocked as I didn’t even know she had a loose tooth – and she is the kind of kid who tells me everything – including things I really don’t need to know so I was completely caught off guard that her tooth fell out.  I then also thought to myself, “Is my daughter really already old enough to be losing her baby teeth”?

At my old job I remember my boss asking us what the going rate was for the tooth fairy.  He had stated he planned on giving his daughter $50 for her first tooth and then $25 for each tooth after that.  I clearly thought he was insane and I knew that would not be the going rate for the tooth fairy in this house.  I spoke with my husband about it and said how do you feel about $5 for the first tooth and $1 after that.  He said that was fine but he remembers getting change for each tooth when he was growing up – so she should consider herself very lucky!  If I recall correctly I got $1 for each tooth.  When googling information I found this – The reward left varies by country, the family’s economic status, amounts the child’s peers report receiving and other factors.  A 2013 survey by Visa Inc. found that American children receive $3.70 per tooth on average.

When we were talking to our daughter about the tooth fairy she – of course – had a ton of questions.  I kept it simple and short;  The tooth fairy is magical and if you leave your tooth under your pillow then she will come while you are sleeping, take the tooth, and leave some money or a gift in exchange.  My daughter, of course, then asked what on earth the tooth fairy needed all these teeth for – before I could answer though – she had already come up with her own reasons.  She started talking about the amazing tooth castle she must have and how great her life must be since she can make tons of creations out of teeth.

I love the imagination of kids.

I look forward to being the tooth fairy again but I hope it’s not too soon.  My daughter seems to think she is going to make 109$ (literally) off the tooth fairy – though this isn’t at all possible I hope she doesn’t start trying to pull her teeth out just for the money.  For the record though; she wants the money to give to her father for his birthday.  She’s too sweet sometimes!  Regardless, it was a great conversation to have with her.  The excitement on her face said it all.  I am doing my best to enjoy these moments because before I know it I will be talking about periods and boys. Time really needs to slow down.