It happens in the blink of an eye.  You are sitting there planning your daughters first birthday.  Your other daughter just lost her first tooth.  Where did the time go? Why do they grow up so fast?

IMG_6585I had my first daughter when I was 20 years old.  I left college, moved home, and decided to start my life with my now husband.  I don’t regret it for a second.  I remember the day I brought her home from the hospital.  She was 7lbs and 4oz of pure perfection.  She was a great baby – slept through the night at two weeks old and truly made a difference in our lives, for the better – she is also a daddy’s girl all the way.  They are so alike it’s sickening sometimes.  I just can’t believe my little princess is five and a half.  She drives me absolutely insane but I couldn’t love her more if I tried.  My youngest daughter I had at the age of 25.  She was 6lbs or gorgeous little baby when she was born and truly made our family complete.  She is by far nothing like her sister already – she loves to snuggle, mamas girl all the way and makes the best silly faces.  She crawls everywhere and always wants to eat.  I sit here and I wonder how we are already at losing teeth and Kindergarten, how we are already planning a first birthday.

I swear once I had kids time started going faster.  I try to cherish every moment and memory I have with my little girls because I can’t make time go any slower.  As I sit here and plan my daughters first birthday (currently via pinterest) – I feel like I just had her.  It was freezing cold, snow all over the ground, and a roller coaster of emotions.  I remember telling myself I would make sure this labor was easier than my last – and actually it was!  I just keep reminding myself how valuable my time is with them.  Before I know it my five-year old will have more of a life of her own than she does now and always want to be out with her friends.  My baby will be in that same path shortly after.

I have been unemployed for a little while now and though I am itching to get back to work – this extra time with my beautiful daughters has been such a blessing.  I get so many snuggles all day and I get to spend all this time watching her hit all these milestones.  I get to pick my daughter up from the bus stop and be the first one to hear all about her day as she beams with pride about what she has learned.  I consider myself so lucky and blessed that I am the mother to these little princesses and beyond grateful for this time I have with them.

When my friends are new to motherhood or about to become parents for the first time themselves the first thing I always say is, “don’t blink because time flies and you don’t want to miss a thing.”  

So for now – I will enjoy everything; bath time – loose teeth – snuggles – mickey mouse clubhouse – my house being a mess – every milestone – every meltdown – and most importantly  tutus and sparkles all over the place.  In years I will look back on this and think the same exact thing I am right now – How did time go by so quickly?  How are my kids all grown up?

So love harder than you ever have before, laugh as much as you can, live for every day, and cherish every single IMG_8776second because once you blink – you realize how much these little humans who started off as babies – have already accomplished so much in their life and you want to remember every second of it. But most importantly – I remind myself that we did that, those are our children, and I will maintain the proudest smile on my face because I know my kids are going to be amazing people who do amazing things.