The calm before the storm.  We all know how that goes.  We hear a big storm is coming – something that might keep us in the house for days and maybe without power as well.  The first thing we must do is to run to the store – get the “usual” bread and milk and plan for a few days in.  We also make sure to get salt, maybe some windshield wiper fluid and a shovel if we can’t find last years.  Every store, gas station,  and business is usually packed with people rushing around and pushing their way through to get what they need before it’s sold out.  If you are anything like my family – you make a stop at the liquor store too because if you are going to be in the house for days listening to your daughter sing do you want to build a snowmannnnnn, you are going to want some wine.

The big question is… Why do people buy milk and bread the second we hear about a snow storm?  Well I did some googling and read a few articles before I landed on one that I decided to reference — It states that people like the routine and so buying perishables in their mind is like saying the storm “won’t last long” or it’s just something that they can have control in but realistically it is pointless to purchase these two things.  The main thing you want to purchase for an impending snowstorm are non-perishables (I guess depending on how the storm is looking) and foods that can last you some time if you are stuck inside and also might not have power.

I went to the grocery store today (and of course I took some pictures which I will include).  I didn’t buy milk and bread, but I guess that’s because we already had both.  I stocked up on snacks my kids can eat, juice boxes, toilet paper, and if I bought anything that might need to be cooked – I made sure it could be cooked on the stove-top as we have a gas stove.  I am unsure if we will lose power and how many inches exactly the total is up to now – but I like to be prepared for my family.  We have games, candles, and plenty of wine!

I usually do my grocery shopping on Monday mornings if I can.  It’s slow, not a lot of people, and I don’t have to rush or fight a crowd.  The only reason I went tonight was because I have a feeling tomorrow would be crazy and if they end up closing early, people will be rushing around to get whatever they forgot or feel they need before heading home.

I honestly hate the snow.  I hate winter altogether and I really wish I lived somewhere that was warm all the time.  However, having kids has definitely swayed my mind.  My five-year old cannot wait for an actual snowstorm where there will be enough snow for her to build snowman families and maybe in igloo and play with her cousins who live upstairs from us.  The excitement just hearing her talking about it puts a smile on my face.  I also have decided that if it’s going to snow and be crappy out – at least make in a good one.  One that keeps us in and lets us all hang out as a family on a day when we usually wouldn’t have that luxury.  My little one loves looking at the snow through the door so I cannot wait to take her out and let her roll around it in, though I am pretty sure she will only be trying to eat it.  Don’t worry I will make sure she doesn’t eat any yellow snow 🙂

In the meantime, tomorrow I will be doing my usual laundry and cleaning to get a nice start on the week.  I have decided to plan for the fact that we have a good chance of losing power, so I will be baking a few things as well that I can just throw in a bag and keep for the next few days.  The current forecast is stating that we will be getting 21-27 inches.  My husband has to work tomorrow so I advised him to fill the tank on his way to work (mainly because I left it on E) and if he feels I missed anything we might need – before he heads to work would be the time to get it. I will also make sure that I find the candles and flash lights if we need them, make sure all the games are pulled out, and anything else I want to do to prepare for said “historic-like” storm.  Most importantly, the wine is already stocked!

Below are some pictures from my trip to Stop & Shop this evening!  I didn’t take pictures of the lines of people because people kept staring at me as they waited and though I was trying to be stealth in my picture-taking abilities of the lines – they didn’t come out as planned LOL

IMG_8912 IMG_8923 IMG_8924IMG_8925 IMG_8926 IMG_8927

What are some big-ticket items you always get when you hear a big storm is coming?