As I have stated in the past, I hate the morning routine, well mornings in general really.  It has been especially hard lately because my youngest daughter has had a double ear infection which has resulted in quite a few sleepless nights.  I can’t tell you how glorious just three hours of uninterrupted sleep will be in the hopefully near future, maybe as even near as tonight if I am lucky!  But even with my lack of sleep I have the morning routine down pretty well.  I set my alarm a half hour before I have to get up to mentally prepare which my husband hates because I always sleep through it and it wakes him up but oh well.  LOL

The first thing I always do is wake up my daughter because it takes FOREVER for her to get moving.  I had lunch in the fridge already and I was rushing around to make sure everyone was packed up for the day.  Well this morning I thought I had covered everything as usual.  I didn’t end up eating anything like I usually do before I left this morning because I am pretty sure that my eyes were still closed but I made sure my daughter was dressed, had her backpack and got on the bus on time (8:35).  I went to work, I did a few errands, and then I went to pick up my youngest daughter.  As I was walking down the stairs (at 2:45pm) I remembered that I didn’t pack my daughters lunch today.

My daughters school provides the children with hot lunch cards which stay at school.  My husband and I made sure to put money on the card as my daughter gets hot lunch on Fridays.  It took me a few weeks to log onto her school account to see how much money was left and I found out that my daughter had been buying breakfast, lunch, and milk at least three times a week – thinking we had no clue.  Needless to say, there was a very long talk after this information came to light because mom and dad were less than thrilled.  Thankfully, my daughters crazy spending habits have toned down and she had a good chunk of money left on her hot lunch card today.  Even if she didn’t I knew that the school would’ve made sure she was fed but I still felt like the worst mother that I forgot to pack her lunch.  Granted mistakes happen to everyone once in a while as I am sure we all usually have so much going on – but I truly couldn’t have felt worse.  I couldn’t believe I forgot to pack my own daughters lunch.

When she got off the bus, of course, she was the first one to remind me that I didn’t pack her lunch today and she went on and on about how she could have starved, (I’ve told you she was all about the dramatics).  She went on and on and kept asking me how I could forget to pack her lunch.  She proceeded to ask me what I was thinking but then she asked me if I knew what was for hot lunch today.  Apparently, this was the best day for hot lunch because she got mini pancakes — and not just any mini pancakes but ones that had syrup inside them.  She then proceeded to ask me what kind of magic can get syrup inside a pancake and started listing all the ways this might have been possible.  She kept asking me to watch YouTube videos so she could see how this magical pancake was made.  I couldn’t help but crack up!

I guess the moral of the story is that the world isn’t going to end if you make a mistake or forget to pack your kids already pre-made lunch.  That old saying that everything happens for a reason – well if I didn’t forget to pack the lunch, Hailie wouldn’t have had these amazing pancakes.  After all, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but if you’ve met my daughter you know she won’t let me live this down for months and has even gone as far as stating she will be making her own lunch from now on so she doesn’t starve.  Lets hope she means that, haha!