If I could bottle up some of the qualities of my children I would.

The laughs and not just the silly little laughs throughout the day.  Those full bellied laughs that you just can’t hear enough of.  The ones that take over and provide the biggest smiles on their faces.  I would bottle it up and listen to it on a rainy day, or a day while I was at work, or a day when my I was sad – I would remind myself that I was a part of that laugh, of that moment, and that I am blessed.

Their personalities so when they get older I can remind them not to lose themselves I would.  The innocence only lasts for so long but the people they are as kids are kindhearted, sweet, and friendly they are.

Their jokes to remind them how silly they are.  The things that they found so funny – the moments that made us all laugh so hard.  As they got older I would make sure to listen to these silly jokes with them when they were having a rough day or were sad.

Their smiles because they melt my heart.  Hailie has this great smile that is so funny because it suits her in every way.  Aubree has this grin that just kills me!  I instantly melt a little inside as her two front teeth stick out.  I would keep these smiles forever if I could.

The tears and the pain.  I hate watching my kids be upset, be sick, be sad.  If I could bottle it up so they never had to experience it again I would.  But since I can’t, hugs and kisses will have to do!

Those big moments!  The first steps your child takes, their first lost tooth, first word, first day of school!  I have pictures and videos but nothing is the same as seeing it in that moment.  The pride on their faces and the happy tears on yours.

If I could bottle up these things I would.  If I could cherish these things forever I would  because they make me so happy and time just goes by too fast.  I don’t know what I would do without these amazing blessings in my life – but I am one lucky gal!