I know I have said in the past that my 5-year-old thinks she is 15.  Well seriously, I am not kidding.  She seems to be in this phase where she thinks that SHE is the boss.  Not only the boss of herself, but the boss of the house as well.  Needless to say, she is not raised this way and we have scolded her numerous times for her behavior.

Well last night was the last straw.  She was just out of control with the “I don’t want to” “I’m not gonna” attitude.  I took the TV out of her room, and pretty much told her she couldn’t do anything anymore until she earns it back.  She doesn’t take well to punishment, she starts with the sobs, literally inconsolable, and then she starts saying she doesn’t care.

Well she go home from school today and thought I would’ve forgotten last nights tantrum so she expected her TV and toys back and free roam of the house to do whatever she wanted again.  I told her NO WAY.

It’s really hard to stick to your guns because when I am trying to do a million things around the house.  I would love to not have her following me around the house whining about the things she can’t do but I refused to give in.  It takes a while to learn how to get through to her.  I have made sure to let everyone else know why she was in trouble and not give her any special treatment because she needs to learn her lesson.

Sticking to your guns is really hard – and I have definitely failed at doing it before.  But when that happens I know I am just adding fuel to the fire the next time a punishment comes around.  Though I honestly don’t know if its making my life easier or harder some days as I feel that I am suffering the punishment with her, I just hope that it really sticks once and for all.

And trust me folks, I know I am screwed when the teen years actually come.