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March 2015

College as an Adult

I have experienced college as a mere 18-year-old (child) and now as an adult.   I never realized how hard it would be to take classes and be in college as an adult until I experienced it firsthand.  It has come with a lot of challenges and made me think about how much easier college was for carefree me vs I’m a mom with a full-time job and in college.  Lets start from the beginning;

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Getting ready while everyone is still sleeping


Since starting my new job trying to get ready while everyone is still sleeping has become a bit of an art form.  Here’s how it goes;

I hear my alarm, (well really my husband hears it and nudges me to wake up).  The second I notice it I sprint out of bed as fast as possible to avoid waking the girls.  Most times I hit snooze and this happens about 3 times before I am actually up.  Did I mention I hate mornings?

Next its finding clothes.  Luckily my job is pretty lax on the dress code so I can wear jeans but I1329712956015_1723306 am always trying to find that shirt I put down the other day, that I think I put in another spot because I knew I wanted to wear it this week but now I can’t find it?  Well I just dumped an entire drawers worth of clothes out on the floor to remember that I put it in the other room on the chair so I didn’t have to go through this whole ordeal.  My husband was less than pleased.

I shower the night before mainly because I hate the morning so much that I refuse to wake up any earlier than I have to.  Plus this avoids the noise of the shower, the blow dryer for my hair, and me dropping a bottle of soap or something.  However, I do have to straighten my hair and more often than not I drop that or my brush; I know I am a mess!

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There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise!

The past few months have been really trying on my life, my marriage, my family, and my sanity.  Last week I finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

1. I have been unemployed since the end of November.  I was collecting unemployment but for anyone in this day and age who has unfortunately had to go through unemployment, we all know it’s not an income that you can survive off of unless you are excellent with money and frugal with your spending.  I, however, am not one of those people.  Well the time came.  I started a new job on Monday, the pay is good, the company is good, and I am pleased to say I am finally employed once again.  Of course I totally miss spending all day with my little Aubree and then being home when Hailie gets off the school bus because these days and moments go by so quick, but I am blessed to have a job and help to support my family.

2. As you have seen in my past post, Sticking to your guns, my eldest daughter has truly been testing my patience.  Since sticking to our guns we have made some serious changes over the past week and a lot more communication has happened, (well as much as you can with a 5-year-old) and it seems that our plan worked!  The teacher has been giving praise, the mornings and nights have become much easier, and though we haven’t given her back everything she has lost, it seems that the lessons we set out to teach have been successful.  This is such a win in my parenting book!

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Thank you Timehop!

Thank god for time hop right?! It reminds you of all the amazing things that have gone on over the years since your start of social media.  For example:

8 years ago I was celebrating with my sorority sisters as our pledging had come to an end and we were officially sisters of Gamma Lambda Rho.  One of the best decisions and days of my life.

5 years ago I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Hailie – while at college – with what started as a joke with my roommates.  It was the start to a crazy journey I didn’t know I’d be ready for – but I am so happy it happened because I wouldn’t change a thing.

3 years ago I was complaining that Hailie was testing my patience and I needed a bottle of wine, (some things don’t change over time) haha

1 year ago I was sitting in the hospital and binge eating popsicle’s because I was starving and that was the closest thing I was going to get to food until the newest little lady of our family joined us.  I was complaining to my husband that if the guy giving out the epidural didn’t hurry up I wasn’t going to make it.  I was thinking to myself that I must be crazy to go through labor all over again.

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