Since starting my new job trying to get ready while everyone is still sleeping has become a bit of an art form.  Here’s how it goes;

I hear my alarm, (well really my husband hears it and nudges me to wake up).  The second I notice it I sprint out of bed as fast as possible to avoid waking the girls.  Most times I hit snooze and this happens about 3 times before I am actually up.  Did I mention I hate mornings?

Next its finding clothes.  Luckily my job is pretty lax on the dress code so I can wear jeans but I1329712956015_1723306 am always trying to find that shirt I put down the other day, that I think I put in another spot because I knew I wanted to wear it this week but now I can’t find it?  Well I just dumped an entire drawers worth of clothes out on the floor to remember that I put it in the other room on the chair so I didn’t have to go through this whole ordeal.  My husband was less than pleased.

I shower the night before mainly because I hate the morning so much that I refuse to wake up any earlier than I have to.  Plus this avoids the noise of the shower, the blow dryer for my hair, and me dropping a bottle of soap or something.  However, I do have to straighten my hair and more often than not I drop that or my brush; I know I am a mess!

I pre-pack the girls backpacks, lunches, and pick out their outfits the night before in hopes that I don’t forget anything since my husband is dropping them off and its one less reason to make any noise in their room.  Well this morning, I had forgotten to pick out my daughters outfit so I sneak into her room and their it was – legos all over the floor… Seeing as how stepping on a lego is probably more painful than childbirth and I was determined not to wake anyone up, this proved to be quite difficult.  Ultimately, I made it, but i tripped on the gate on the way out and lost my hair elastic (I don’t even know how this happened).  She made a few animal like sounds and then seemed to fall back asleep.  Hooray!images

Next it’s time to start the car.  I wouldn’t have to do this if it wasn’t predicting snow on the first day of spring but since mother nature had a serious ax to grind this year, it is still freezing out in the morning. Since it’s usually before there is any noise in the neighborhood I can hear the car running from the kitchen.  I laugh at myself as I try to start the car “quietly” knowing that no matter how much I tiptoe or if I press the button slower than usual, the noise will be exactly the same.  Also telling the car to “shhh” probably isn’t necessary.

إلى ان دق البابFinally it’s making sure I have everything else and heading out the door.  I try to close it as quiet as possible, which of course never works.  Somehow the door slips out of my hands and slams as loud as possible, or I trip because I am not graceful in the slightest and knock over three things on my way out or I suddenly have to pee or forgot something and have now walked in and out three times already – thus defeating my purpose of being quiet.


If you know me, you know that I am not a quiet person.  In the morning however, especially because my little one doesn’t like sleep as it is, I feel no need to wake her up any sooner than she has to be.  My older daughter could sleep through a tornado so I am much less worried about her.  The worst part is when I think I am being really quiet my husband informs me of how loud I am actually being.  My lack of gracefulness and my overly obnoxious attempt at being extra quiet has failed me pretty much every morning.  Maybe one day I’ll get it down but by then they will probably be up before me!