First of all, before everyone decides to get offended and upset about what I write here, please don’t until you have read the whole post.  But honestly, if you do – you don’t have to read this post or my blog at all.  It’s that simple.

When I scroll through my weekly news feed on Facebook, I can easily tell you the top five types of people who will show up.

1. The Salesmen.  Listen, I don’t hate these people.  In fact, I will admit to having tried a product or two from my Facebook friend / entrepreneur or have at least inquired about said product that is being sold.  Some of my friends, this is solely their income, while others do it for extra money, and then the ones that do it just for the cause.  Realistically, I could easily not be friends with any of these people or “unfollow” them so I don’t have to see these posts, but I don’t because if you can make a living off of doing that, awesome.  I, however, can’t, won’t, and don’t want to.

2. The Complainer.  The worst part is, 90% of these people are complaining about other people complaining.  They complain that nothing in life ever goes right, woe is them, blah blah blah.  Life is too short, so instead of complaining about whats going wrong in your life, which half the time is usually something you have complete control over – look for the upside of things.  Of course, shit sucks especially if its one of those days, but every day – can’t be one of those days.  If you can complain about your flat tire on your Mercedes-Benz while updating your status via your iPhone 6 – your life could definitely be worse.

3.  The Health Nut.  Transformation Tuesday is like gold to these people.  All they want to do is show you their hard work.  KUDOS.  I think its great that you are or have made a lifestyle change and you working to better your life while being an inspiration to others — but here is the mean truth;  it still counts if you don’t check in at the gym or post a gym selfie.  That is all.

4. The Over-Sharer.  Hey, I am all for using a social forum such as Facebook to share your views and ideas and fun stuff about your kids – but I don’t need a play-by-play of your whole day.  If you are one post away from telling me when you are headed to the bathroom – you need to take it down a notch.  If I really wanted to know all about your day and exactly what you are doing, we are close enough friends that we can have that conversation via text and I don’t feel like I am forced to stalk you against my will.

5. The Traveler.  Really, this person just makes everyone else jealous.  Their life is awesome as they go from one amazing place to the next.  Kudos awesome traveler, you have won this round.

At one time or another, we most likely have been or are these people.  Judging a book by its cover is the unfair thing to do.  At the end of the day, the salesperson could be the one who helped your reality of being a stay at home mom come true, the health nut ends up being the one that drives us to a goal we thought we would never reach, the complainer ends up reminding us just how lucky we are with what we have at the end of the day, the over-sharer ends up sharing something about their life that gets you thinking about something in a different perspective, and the traveler ends up being the motivator for booking that trip you have been talking about for years.  So at times these people can make us insane or annoyed, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some sort of helping hand in our future or being there when we need them.  Don’t judge the “book” by its cover – and if you do – it’s going to be your loss.