Kids have a way about themselves where they make things more exciting than they appeal to adults.  Let me elaborate here.

Birthdays : My daughter is obsessed with celebrating people’s birthdays, but especially her mom and dads.  She always makes sure that a cake is being made, that we will sing happy birthday, and that candles will be blown out.  She doesn’t care if we want to or not, she doesn’t care about anything else, she wants to make sure that our birthdays our celebrated with cake, candles, and lots of hugs and kisses.  It’s actually really sweet.  My husband could have cared less if a cake was even made but it meant so much to her that of course, he did it.  Take this action shot from last year;


Presents.  Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary – whatever it is – she is excited about it.  Side-note here: my daughter is the WORST secret keeper there is.  Seriously, you tell her something and she spills the beans within seconds of knowing.  Don’t ever tell her or bring her to buy a present for someone unless the other person already knows what it is or you are going to give it to them that day.  The day my husband proposed, he proposed with our daughter who was 3 at the time and she almost ruined the whole thing, (in his eyes, I was oblivious).  Her secret keeping abilities haven’t gotten any better over the past two years.  But back to the story here – she is ALL about buying presents for other people.  Family members, friends, random people, mom and dad – she seems to think we have a cash cow out back.  The sweet, excited look on her face though, makes it all worth it.  She gets wrapped up in the moment as they say!1515594_186715774870013_250111998_n 1516666_1459958270898219_1630411948_n

FYI my husband was less than thrilled about this picture as well but Hailie was so excited to take it, he sucked it up.

Snow:  Quite honestly I hate snow.  I hate winter.  I hate being cold.  Now that I am older though, snow isn’t so bad.  My kids are fascinated by it and since I was unemployed pretty much through the most brutal months of this winter, it truly helped to be home.  My daughter loves the snow.  My youngest one didn’t seem to excited about the entire prospect but it is because of them that I haven’t written off the entire season.  Seriously though, I really should have moved to a warmer place when I had the chance.

Carnivals, Movies, Picnics, and more! My eldest daughter has been asking about going to the carnival for months.  Though I most likely wouldn’t ever go to the movies, (seriously I wait till they hit the redbox) and a lot of my Saturdays at past jobs were me working, I really appreciated our Sunday outings to wherever we ended up being.  Hailie gets so excited about it and I can’t wait to see Aubree’s face this summer when we take her to do all the fun little “traditions” we have started together.  If it wasn’t for them, I would probably get a second job and not enjoy life nearly as much as I should, so little girls – thanks for that!

When you walk in the door.  Now let’s be honest here.  Everyone loves to walk in the door after a long day at work or being somewhere all day – no matter what age you are.  But having children to greet you or even a pet, makes this a million times better.  They smile, they ramble, they sometimes scream in excitement and though that only last about a minute or two before someone starts crying, or gets hurt, or gets in trouble – at least I have those two minutes.

This list could really go on for ages if I delved into every single little thing that makes my children so much happier that I could personally care less about myself.  However, I think that is a good start.  Though my children make me absolutely insane at times, they also make all the moments, holidays, birthdays, etc – completely worth it.