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May 2015

Older & Maybe Wiser…

There is a list of things that become more important as you get older.  Each day and night I feel as if my morning routine gets longer due to the extreme list I have that need to be accomplished on a daily or weekly basis.

Now that I am in my late twenties (whoa!) personal hygiene and maintenance are in a much bigger force than they used to be, among other things that take precedence.  When you are a kid and people say “you won’t be able to eat everything forever” or “one day you’ll get wrinkles and bags under your eyes too” I was like pshhhh, I’m never getting old! Well here I am, OLD(er) and at a point in my life where my nightly and morning routines have become KEY.c4d0c865af2f8fa19a013ef9389da1e0

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Two little girls

My first daughter we had to find out.  I just had to know what our baby was going to be.  I was the typical mom who wanted to decorate, have a baby shower flooded in pink, and I was really excited.  It took us forever to decide on a name.  We finally came to Hailie.  It was the only name that we agreed on after weeks of vetoing each other.  (If you watch Friends you will get a chuckle out of the episode that comes to mind).

When I found out I was pregnant the second time, I tried to convince my husband not to find out – because quite honestly I really didn’t need to know, but my husband said we HAD to find out — because he needed to prepare himself if he was going to have two little girls.  Long story short, we found out.  BUT there is NO way he would be prepared for these two little girls.

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Marriage – One Year In.

As I celebrated my first wedding anniversary last week, it really reminded me of some key elements to having a successful marriage and making it through anything side by side.  Though there are always bumps in the road, don’t let it ruin what you have built over the years.

Sure, my husband and I have been together for almost 8 years now and we had two children before we chose to get married – but there was still something about being married that was different.

Was it the true commitment to each other?  The sharing of the last name?  The rings we wear with pride on our fingers? It was all of these, and so much more.

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