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June 2015

A Tribute to Mom; 10 years later.


TEN years.  Has it really been 10 years?  To the day actually; June 19, 2005. It was a Sunday.  I had just left the hospital and we got the phone call.  That was it.  I remember thinking that you were going to beat cancer and then suddenly the day came where we all sat in the hospital realizing this was it.  We said our goodbye’s and before we knew it, you were gone.  Friends and family traveled from near and far to remember your life and to support the four of us – It was truly a tribute to the amazing woman you were and the amazing people who would help us all get through the tragic loss we faced.

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Not everyone you lose is a loss.

Not everyone you lose is a loss.

When I lost my grandma, my mom, and other very close people in my life – that was a loss.  They taught me everything I knew, they shaped me to be who I am, and they taught me valuable life lessons.

Everyone in your life will teach you a valuable life lesson – some will be good and some will be bad.  But every lesson will be a learning experience that will shape you to be a better person.

There was a point in my life when being everyone’s friend and meeting tons of people and making friends to be a part of my life seemed so important.  Then I left college, I had kids, I got married, and I took my own path.  During those years, I learned what mattered, who mattered, and why everyone you lose, isn’t a loss.

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