Not everyone you lose is a loss.

When I lost my grandma, my mom, and other very close people in my life – that was a loss.  They taught me everything I knew, they shaped me to be who I am, and they taught me valuable life lessons.

Everyone in your life will teach you a valuable life lesson – some will be good and some will be bad.  But every lesson will be a learning experience that will shape you to be a better person.

There was a point in my life when being everyone’s friend and meeting tons of people and making friends to be a part of my life seemed so important.  Then I left college, I had kids, I got married, and I took my own path.  During those years, I learned what mattered, who mattered, and why everyone you lose, isn’t a loss.

I have lost friends over the years.  Many we drifted apart or took different paths, a few ended sour, and a few just ended.  At first I thought, how can I live life without this person who seemed so important to me?  But honestly, they weren’t a loss. Over the years I have truly learned the meaning about quality not quantity.  I truly believe that people come in and out of your life for a reason and there is no need to be upset when people go.  The people who want to be in your life, will find a way to stay in it.  They will get through the good times and the bad times and distance means nothing to them.

One of my childhood best friends; she is traveling the world and living the exact opposite life that I am.  But nothing has changed, we talk when we can, we try to get together when she is home, and we are still great friends.  There is nothing better than that.

My mom taught me at a very young age to surround myself with the best people and I always tried to do this.  I have some amazing friends and though I might not have a lot of them, I am very lucky.  The truth is, I would be lost without the friends I have today.  I have made mistakes that have broken up friendships and because those friendships ended – I reminded myself that if circumstances and people got in the way, we weren’t as good of friends as I thought in the first place and vice versa.

Whether it be a relationship, a friendship, or whatever — not everyone you lose is a loss.  It might be theirs but it is definitely not yours.  People are definitely put in your life to teach you something and it could be good or bad. Those people could become the best people you’ve ever met and your lifelong friends or people who you end up thinking you knew everything about when really you knew nothing about them.

Just remember, it’s not worth dwelling on what was but focusing on the people and things you do have – because not everyone you lose is meant to be a loss.