I am talking to you America.  All of you.  Everyone is offended by everything these days.  Anything you do or say seems to hurt someone’s feelings.  All these public apologies are insane. Why does everyone need to apologize all the time lately?  There used to be this thing called Freedom of Speech.  People would say things, they weren’t nice, they were very public – and people got the fuck over it.  That doesn’t happen anymore.  It’s come down to something along the lines of, “I better apologize so my country still loves me” or “I better apologize so that the raging social media groups don’t come after my family.”  Is it not OK to have an opinion anymore or speak freely.  Everything is judged and placed as a strike against you.  And by you, I mean America.  Listen up – no one is perfect.  But we all need to stop crying about the things that don’t matter and wake up to the things that do.  Anyway….

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