I am talking to you America.  All of you.  Everyone is offended by everything these days.  Anything you do or say seems to hurt someone’s feelings.  All these public apologies are insane. Why does everyone need to apologize all the time lately?  There used to be this thing called Freedom of Speech.  People would say things, they weren’t nice, they were very public – and people got the fuck over it.  That doesn’t happen anymore.  It’s come down to something along the lines of, “I better apologize so my country still loves me” or “I better apologize so that the raging social media groups don’t come after my family.”  Is it not OK to have an opinion anymore or speak freely.  Everything is judged and placed as a strike against you.  And by you, I mean America.  Listen up – no one is perfect.  But we all need to stop crying about the things that don’t matter and wake up to the things that do.  Anyway….

If you know me, you are well aware that I am not one for feelings or all the feels as the new kids are saying .  When people cry around me, it goes something like this…


I know this makes me sound like I have no soul and probably no friends but this is not the case.  It is just the way I have always been.  I, personally,  don’t think that crying about everything is the way to feel better about it.  I don’t for a second judge the people who do.  I love them.  I am also not heartless; I have feelings and emotions, I am not a robot.  But there is a time and a place America, a time and a place.

Seriously.  I love my girls to death but it is so hard sometimes with all the feelings and emotions.   Granted, when they are hurt or scared or whatever – I genuinely feel for them.  My heart hurts for them, literally.  And sometimes I do have to hold back tears.  But in general, when my daughter cries about any and everything – I am not the one to comfort her.  I am trying and lets just say… it’s a work in progress.  I am not a crier.  I am extremely awkward when people cry in front of me.  I get into this “suck it up” kind of mood and probably just make things worse.  A friend of mine recently started having trouble with her boyfriend.  Every time she would come over, she would start crying.  My daughter went up to her the next day and said “Are you done crying like a crybaby.”  Luckily, she laughed it off but clearly I need to work on my emotions (or lack thereof) since they are now rubbing off on my kids.  Whoops!

I am a very social person.  I talk (a lot) and I laugh (a lot) but feelings are not my cup of tea.  They make me a very socially awkward human being.  It’s just not how I was raised or how I have ever been.  My mother didn’t care for feelings and I accepted that and moved on.  Which is exactly what the rest of the world should do.

Recently, Target decided they were going to make gender neutral toy aisles instead of separating the boy and girl toys.  I found this HILARIOUS article on it, shared it with pretty much everyone I knew, and I urge you to read it. Please click here. The point is though, who cares?  Who the fuck cares so much that Target has actually made gender neutral aisles.  If I had a son and he wanted a Barbie, I would go to the fucking girls aisle and get him one.  Same goes if one of my daughters wanted an Avenger or a Tonka Truck.  It’s not that difficult.

I guess my main point is that everyone and everything in this world these days, should not require a band-aid, an apology, a trophy, or some sort of sympathy.  It is just not necessary.  If people are that offended by girls and boys toys being separated – then shop somewhere else.  Just stop crying about anything and everything.  There is a time and a place when feelings are necessary.  I could name many devastating tragedies that have occurred in the recent years off the top of my head.  Sadly, they have become that common.  Those call for change, action, expression, and feelings.  Toys being separated by gender is not important.  The world needs to wake up and see what actually is important, before it’s too late to change what matters.


The girl who hates the feels.