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October 2015

It’s none of your business.

In the modern world, random strangers are crazy enough to think they actually have a say in your everyday life and decisions.  If you know me and we are close, by all means I would love and expect your honest opinions and feedback.  But random lady in the grocery store.  NO.  Let’s discuss.silly-things-strangers-say-to-parents-of-twins

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My ONE year blogiversary!

I started this blog for fun.  I thought that being a little silly and being a little serious was a fun mix to bring people into my crazy but entertaining life.  I started off strong and then i slowed down a lot.  It wasn’t because I forgot about my blog or didn’t care to post – I just really wanted to make sure what I was writing would be able to resonate with others.  I definitely think its about quality and not quantity.  I don’t want to ramble on just because I have a blog, I really want people to enjoy the posts and be intrigued each time I post, even if it isn’t often.  I made a goal for this year to post at least once a week.  I have tons of drafts I have never finished and half thoughts and I love to write for fun! So happy one year!

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