In the modern world, random strangers are crazy enough to think they actually have a say in your everyday life and decisions.  If you know me and we are close, by all means I would love and expect your honest opinions and feedback.  But random lady in the grocery store.  NO.  Let’s discuss.silly-things-strangers-say-to-parents-of-twins

1. Wow – two girls.  What exactly are you trying to say?  That sucks I had two girls, too bad I didn’t have boys, too bad I didn’t have one of each?  I don’t understand the point to this backhanded comment at all, but yes I have two girls.  Yes, they make me crazy and yes, I love them more than anything on this planet.  Is that OK with you or were you hoping for some sort of disappointment on my end with having “two girls”.

2. “Look’s like you’ve got your hands full with those two.”  Oh, do I?  I hadn’t noticed.  Are you offering to assist?  I didn’t think so. I have a six-year-old and a one year old both sitting in a carriage bawling their eyes out and you feel like is a great time to strike up conversation.  Wonderful.

3. “Oh I would just love to pinch her cheeks!” Go for it, but when she bites you and starts screaming and crying, I am not at fault.  Seriously.

4.  “Are you gonna try for a boy” Are you asking when my husband and I plan on making time to have unprotected sex so said baby can be made?  Or are you asking when I think I will be ready to bring another human being into the world?  Well, I just looked at my schedule and it looks like it says none of your f’ing business.

5.”You look too young to have kids”  Well, I guess I would take this as a compliment if you weren’t actually judging me when you said it.

6. “Enjoy every second” I will make sure to get right on that.  My one year old decided to pee on my hand this morning while I changed her, my six-year-old decided to cut a piece of clothing for whatever reason, and I barely got any sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, there are so many seconds to enjoy and I do my best to enjoy them but lets not act like it is pure rainbows and sunshine all the time.

7. Do you work? How on earth you think that is a question you should ask anyone ever, is mind-blowing.  Last I checked, even if I didn’t work at a company – being a parent is a 24/7 job.  I never stop working.  But thanks for asking.

8. You know I read on the internet (insert unwanted parenting advice here) Well if you read it on the internet it must be true right?  Thanks for the advice I didn’t ask for and definitely don’t want.

imagesIt’s simple.  Say hello or how are you.  It’s not difficult at all.  It’s actually really simple the last time I checked and seeing as how you are a stranger – I can assure you it is the best way for me not to roll my eyes at you or say something completely rude.

Anything to add to the list fellow parents?  Comment below !