This is by far one of my BIGGEST pet peeves.  For anyone who drives I am sure you have dealt with the pain that is a four way stop.  I don’t understand why it is so complicated for people to understand.  Whoever stops first, get’s to go first, and so on and so forth.  I wish I could explain to you why so many people have an issue grasping this concept but I don’t.   I will however breakdown the exact people you encounter at a four way stop.


The guy who doesn’t stop at all.  There you are, minding your own business and patiently waiting your turn and some asshole does one of those glances as they continue to drive and step on the gas as they fly through the four way stop, almost causing an accident, and fucking up everyone else.  Thank’s so much for that.

The “no you go” person.  That person who tries to let everyone go because they are obviously doing something sketchy that prevents them from driving in that second.  You try to force them to go as to not ruin the laws of the four way stop, but they continue to wave, so you start to go & then they start to go and then you stop and then they stop and its a big pain in the ass.

The honker. Yea that asshole.  The one who pulls up and then starts honking at everyone and seems to have a considerable lack of patience and road rage – the honker. 

The one who doesn’t let the pedestrian go.  Last I checked, pedestrians still have the right away.  Also last time I checked, running over a pedestrian is against the law.  So stop being an asshole and let them cross.  It’s not like you know when its your turn anyway.

The person who puts their blinker on but doesn’t plan on turning.  Yup, I am looking at you.  The person who not only doesn’t understand that the person who stopped first or has been waiting the longest gets to go first, but they put their blinker on and sit there, almost causing an accident when they jet past you in the opposite direction you assumed they were going.

The person who isn’t paying attention.  This person pulls up to the stop sign, then sits there, checking their cell phone as everyone else is honking and trying to get their attention and abide by the four way stop rules.  This person is too busy learning about Mary Jo’s latest breakup selfie on Facebook that when they finally look up, they just speed through and almost cause an accident.

The person who thinks that the car in front of them stopping counts as their stop too.  Thank you to my wonderful friend Bethany for reminding me of these horrible types of four way stop people – who ride the bumper and just coast on through.  They rely on the person before them stopping, but even if that person just chooses to coast through, they do the same thinking they don’t have to stop because someone before them already did.  The rules are in place for a reason people.  A car in front of you stopping most definitely does NOT count as your stop as well.  Wait your turn like the rest of us! 

The point here is that this is not complicated.  The reason for the four way stop rules was to avoid accidents and keep things running smoothly.  Unfortunately, encountering the people above, can make for a difficult situation and almost cause an accident – and most importantly annoy the shit out of you. 

I feel like I am going to have to start walking around with four way stop general rules on a little card so I can just randomly put them on parked cars at stores I go to in hopes that someone will learn something.  Rant over.