As a college student who has been in school for what feels like a never-ending amount of time, one of the biggest issues I have noticed is how much students rely on spellcheck.  I recently started a group project (all online) with 4 other people and we used a Google Drive to work on our paper.  The paper is due this week, so I started to give it a good read this morning to make sure all of our ducks are in a row.  After all, my name is part of this and I want a good grade.  I started reading the paper and instantly picked out 8 spelling errors and a major lack of grammar and punctuation.  I am not saying by any means that this girl isn’t smart, but the biggest issue is that it seems she relied on spellcheck.  However, the problem is that spellcheck doesn’t cover grammar and punctuation and if a word is misspelled or misused but still spelt correctly (i.e. weather, whether) spellcheck will not pick that up.

I struggled to make my way through the paper as I fixed numerous silly mistakes that were overlooked.  I wonder if the paper was read over at all or if because they didn’t seen any red or green lines during spellcheck, they assumed it was OK.

People need to realize that the computer doesn’t do everything and catch everything.  You still have to use the proper punctuation and you still have to make sure that what you are writing about makes sense.

That’s all for today. #endrant

p.s. I didn’t use spellcheck on this but you catch my drift 🙂