Another year has passed.  It is insane to see how fast it went by. I remember sitting on the couch and thinking – wow 2016, I can’t believe it and I  can’t wait to see what this year brings and it’s already over!

Though I saw a lot of negativity throughout 2016, I tend to do my best to focus on the positive of things.  I really didn’t think 2016 was all that bad but I love change, so I am always ready to embrace another year!

Here are the things I am choosing to highlight that sums up 2016! 

Ringing in 2016. The Ice Castles in NH.  Aubree Turned 2!  Kat’s Bachelorette party in NYC! Hailie & Shawn’s First Father Dance.  Our two year wedding anniversary!  Hailie started swim!!! then Hailie quit swim… Got laid off 😦 Got my grades from spring semester & was really proud of myself. Registered for my final year of college undergrad – major life accomplishment!! Kat & Anthony got married!! Shawn turned the big 35.  It has been 11 years since my mother died.  We celebrated Mal’s huge softball playoffs! Owen was born – little boy of our dear friends!  Cassie & Lou got married.  Colleen & Sam got married!  Yearly Outer Banks trip, a shorter one but still one to remember. First time at Rosie’s Beach!  THE OLYMPICS – MICHAEL PHELPS – GOAT.  Found out baby number 3 was on the way and due the day before Aubree’s birthday! Found out baby number three was a BOY!!! Hailie Started the second grade!  Hailie turned 7 and we than hosted a raging olympics birthday party.  Yearly fantasy football draft, but this year I won FIRST place :0 ! 10 year high school reunion which ended up being awesome and I even started up some old friendships which has been wonderful. Shonda Rhimes is still ruining lives.  One of my most favorite people and best friends on this planet got married to her love [Faith & Andy] !! Hailie and Baby O’Reilly started and finished their first 5k!! Waited in line forever to go to a fake Luke’s Inn.  American Horror Story produced the worst season yet – started off great but major disappointment.   TOOK HAILIE TO SEE WICKED AT PPAC – this was one of the best days of the year!  Hailie started Guitar and so far is loving it!   Unfortunately, we said goodbye to Big Papa.  Celebrated my 28th birthday with my hubs, a meatball, and a wicked witch! Donated Thanksgiving baskets to those in need with the girls which was so rewarding.  Took the girls to three movies in the theatre in a month AND they were awesome. Started a new job which I love!!! Finished my semester and again – really proud of myself.  Christmas was a success as we celebrated it as our last year as a family of four.  I made some new friends.  I lost some old friends.  I lost a good job.  I gained an even better one.  Hubs got a promotion and a raise.  We even got to squeeze in a few date nights that we don’t usually get to do.  ECSTATIC for what lies ahead for us in 2017.  

Every single year I continue to state I am lucky and I am blessed and I am honored and happy, but it really is true.  Life could always be worse.  I really enjoyed 2016 and I am ready to embrace another year – because change is good, life is good, and 2017 has a lot in store for us.

I am not really one to make resolutions and if I do, I try to focus on them as realistic goals that I might not necessarily accomplish but it’s something I am working towards each year.  This year’s goals are listed below.  Of course I want to finish and complete them all but even if I don’t, I will be ok with that too.  Please feel free to copy them, send me some good vibes, or share your own goals and resolutions for 2017!

1. Graduate URI in May 2017

2. Start new crock pot blog and post weekly! ( I started this!)

3.Donate time or items to local shelters in need once a month with the girls because giving is always more important than receiving

(12 times at min)

4.Complete at least FIVE 5k’s

5.Read at least 12 books (1 a month)

6.Monthly movie date with my hubby (at home or in theatre)

then add a review of the movie and post it

7. Take a picture once a day and make a photo book out of it.  For how much time I spend on my phone, you would think I would take more pictures

8. Start doing yoga (at least once a week – at home counts)

9.Do not withdraw from Digit for the entire year. (Savings app, I hear it is genius)

10. Spend more time with ones I love and continue to embrace and enjoy everything life has to offer.  Not really a goal but definitely a reminder!

Compiled some pics from 2016.  ENJOY the last night of 2016, be safe, and I can’t wait to see everyone and talk to everyone in the new year! As I said – lucky and blessed 🙂


ONTO 2017!